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Value chain approach - presentations

by Julie Flament, 4 December 2013

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Session 1 Organization in value chains : history, benefits, different approaches

Introduction on the value chain concept, its history and the different approaches of the economy of vertical relationships.
- Jean Balié, FAO, Agricultural Development Economics Division-ESA. Presentation
- Juvenal Musine, Farmers’ Union of Rwanda
- Discussion

Session 2 Which tools and methods can the farmers organizations use to improve their value chains functioning and management and still defend their member’s interests?

Presentation of methods and of analytical and/or policy tools in the supply/value chains.

- Olivier Renard, IRAM (Institute for research and application of development methods), France. Presentation
- Florante Jesus Sale Villas, regional coordinator of AsiaDHRRA (Asian Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia)
- Discussion

Session 3 Value Chain Approach’s impacts observed at the farms’, territories’ and farmers organizations’ level.

A) Value Chain Approach and diversification of family farms
- Annick Sezibera, Secretary General of CAPAD, Burundi. Presentation
- Nadjirou Sall, Secretary General of FONGS, Sénégal
- Video: Marcos Rochinski, president of FETRAF, Brazil
- Discussion

B) Value Chain Approach and territorial development
- Mickaël Poillion, vice-president of the dairy cooperative ‘La Prospérité fermière’, France. Presentation
- Discussion

C) Value Chain Approach and structuration of farmers’ organizations
- Yvan Hayez, Secretary General FWA (Walloon Federation of Agriculture), Belgium
- Ousmane Ndiaye, Senegalese association for promoting grassroots development, ASPRODEB, Senegal
- Discussion