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Program and presentations

by Julie Flament, 3 December 2012

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- Introduction by Alex Danau, Collectif Stratégies Alimentaires. Video!

Session 1. Situation and challenges of financing of FO and agricultural professionals’ organizations

- Constraints on the self-determination of FO linked to dependence vis-à-vis funding. Denis Pesche – Sociologist Assistant director UMR ART-Dev CIRAD (France). Video!
- Some references on the funding situation of FO. Anne Souharse - responsible of monitoring and evaluation at l’AFDI (France). Video!
- Questions-answers

Session 2. Experience of self-financing of FO and agricultural professionals’ organizations

- Experience of SEXAGON (Mali). Faliry Boly – Secretary General SEXAGON. Video!
- Experience of KENFAP Services Ldt (Kenya). Charles Gitau Mutura – General manager KSL. Video!
- Experience of BoerenBond (Belgium). Kristof Volckaert, Advisor Agricultural policy in developing countries BoerenBond.

Session 3. The necessary organization to implement levies on the product commercialization

- Main institutional mechanisms and lessons learnt from West African experiences. Ousmane Ndiaye – National manager ASPRODEB (Senegal).
- Discussion on lessons learnt from session 2

Session 4. Ensuring the "percolation" of resources collection to all organizational levels of the producer’s organizations

- Articulation between the FO’s different levels and functions in terms of financial self-sufficiency. Mamadou Cissokho, honorary president ROPPA. Video!
- Debate
- Summary of the day’s discussions