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Workshop: Farmers’ organizations and agricultural research for development in Africa

by Julie Flament, 6 July 2011

In the frame of the PAEPARD project , the CSA will organize on September 27, 2011 a workshop in Brussels about:

« Farmers’ organizations and agricultural research for development in Africa: roles, complementarity with others stakeholders and partnerships institutionalization »

This workshop will gather European NGOs and agri-agencies, African farmers ‘organizations, researchers and private sector’s representatives. It will include presentation of experiences and debates.

The workshop will be organized around two main questions:

1. What role for FOs and what complementarity with others stakeholders for:
- The translation of farmers needs in research questions (link with the base, formulation ...)
- The dissemination of research results
- The indigenous knowledge ‘s capitalization and exchange

2. How to formalize partnerships between FOs and others stakeholders inside agricultural research institutions, at level of
- Funding and governance mechanisms
- Choice of research topics

A detailed program will be diffused by the beginning of September.

Registration and information: julie.flament[at]