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WTO public forum 2010 - Seeking coherence

par Julie Flament, 28 juillet 2010

Seeking Coherence : How can International Agreements Influence Agriculture and World Trade Positively for the Coming Generation in the Face of Global Trends ?

This session is part of the Sub-theme III (Coherence between the WTO
and other areas of global governance) and is organized by The Federation of Norwegian
Agricultural Co-operatives and
Norwegian Farmers Union,
JA Zenchu (Japan),
Copa-Cogeca (European Union),
Canadian dairy, poultry and egg
UPA - Union des Producteurs
agricoles du Quebec,
ROPPA - Reseau des Organisations
Paysannes et des Producteurs
agricoles de l`Afrique de l’Ouest,
Nation Farmers Union (US),
EAFF - Eastern African Farmers
Schweizerischer Bauernverband

- Where : room W
- When : September 17, 2010, from 14.15 to 16.15

CSA participated to the session.