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The 3rd high-level forum on AID efficiency was held in ACCRA, Ghana from September 2008 2 to 4.

by Marek Poznanski, 9 September 2008

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The forum has been organized on the basis of long consultation process with the different categories of civilian society organizations from different regions of the world.

In West Africa, ROPPA has been involved in the process of dialogue with the farmers and agricultural producers’ organizations. For that, ROPPA organized two case studies in Mali and Ghana (in collaboration with the CNOP Mali and FONG Ghana), a documentary survey in Senegal and another documentary survey on West Africa OP practices. These studies were the subject of a synthesis that has been presented at the meeting held in Ottawa for the process of Accra forum preparation.

On the basis of his survey the ROPPA organized a meeting of the OP in Ghana that succeeded to the adoption of OPs declaration on the AID efficiency. This declaration has been shared to the forum of the Civil society Organizations held in Accra on August 31 and September 1st, 2008.

The ROPPA also shared the OPs declaration during the high-level forum on the AID efficiency.

The Action Plan of Accra adopted at the end of the forum, takes in account mainly the OP and Civilian society propositions. It is notably about the implication of the OP, civilian society, collectivities and local actors in AID governance through the backing and/or the setting of dialogue space with the public administrations and the development partners.

The ACCRA Action plan, also recommends the capacities building of the Civilian society organizations so that they play their role efficiently in the AID efficiency.

For the time been, the agricultural sector is not explicitly quoted like an important sector as the ROPPA, some civilian society organizations and official delegations of the countries wanted. However, the necessity to give back to agriculture his central place in the processes of development has been shared extensively. Also, some institutions have plan funds to sustain the development of agricultural sector very shortly. It is notably about the European Commission that announced 2 millions €, the World Bank that announced a million €.

- the declaration of the ROPPA on AID efficiency,
- the report and synthesis of the case studies achieved by the ROPPA,
- the ACCRA Action plan.

For more information contact Ousseini Ouédraogo or to see Internet Web site of the ROPPA