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Workshop PAM-PAA-P4P - Promoting local food procurement to link smallholder producers to institutional markets (2016)

par Mélina Vallier Peeters, 7 septembre 2016

There is a high interest of FOs to connect the family farmers to local food procurement opportunities. Institutional purchase is therefore a very interesting tool for family farmers who are often struggling to find stable markets for their products.

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Connecting to local food procurement initiatives is important not only to provide market opportunities for smallholders, but also for apex FOs to engage into policy dialogue with governments so that agricultural policies include local procurement with smallholders’ organizations as policy instrument to improve their market access.

Amongst the participants of the working group, there is also a FO representative from Brazil (COPERCUC) who will present her experience.

There is also a lot of experience to draw from the Purchase for Progress (P4P) Programme of WFP.

Purchase from Africans for Africa (PAA Africa) is a joint initiative of FAO and WFP that is building on success of the Brazilian experience (Hunger Zero Strategy) to promote institutional procurement of food in countries.


- Les termes de référence du séminaire (PDF version EN)
- Le compte-rendu du séminaire (PDF version EN)

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