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Regional workshop - Institutional Food Purchase (2015)

par Mélina Vallier Peeters, 14 septembre 2016

The Regional Workshop on Institutional Food Purchase (November 24) shall be a regional learning session that will distill and share the lessons learned to date of FOs’ engagement in institutional food purchase in the Philippines (by PAKISAMA members and ARBOs) but also in Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Generally, the objective is to present and learn from existing initiatives and government policy framework on institutional purchase at the country, sub/regional and international level.

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Specifically, the objectives were :

- To share and learn from experiences and initiatives as well as lessons and build on good practice of FOs involvement in institutional food purchase program ;
- To learn and understand existing government institutional food purchase programs and policies as well as analyze mechanisms on how FOs can effectively engage in the government food purchase program (e.g. Brazil experience) ;
- To learn and understand the institutional set up to make instiututional food purchase more effective and responsive to key stakeholders ;
- To share good experiences of Government actions on legislation ; and
- To identify challenges, opportunities and action points on improving farmers’ engagement in government food purchase programs.


- Workshop : presentation and program (PDF version EN)
- Workshop : report (PDF version EN)

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