Study cases on the instruments for improving farmers’ market power’

Development Edudcation programme (2008-2010) of the EuropAfrica Consortium

Daniel Van Der Steen, 12 April 2013

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In the framework of the second programme (2008-2010) of the EuropAfrica Consortium, cofinanced by the European Union (a new programme 2011-2013 is actually going on), study cases were produced on the diverse strategies of the farmers to increase their market power in Africa and in Europe.
The report of the Seminar and the publication are available on line in English and in French. See :

The seminar had approached instruments allowing to increase the market power of the farmers and aimed in particular at allowing the organizations of African agricultural producers (of 3 regions of Africa sub Saharan) and of the European Union to exchange their experiences on the subject and to deepen the nature and the conditions of use of these instruments. Case studies were led before and after the seminar, always in connection with the issues of the international seminar and the publication.

These study cases were made in Italy (by Crocevia), in Belgium (by CSA), in the UK (by the UK Food Group), in West Africa (by ROPPA) and in East Africa (by EAFF). We benefitted also from the input of professor István Fehér of the University of Gödöllo, for the study of short circuits in Hungary.

List of study cases

Calza Bini Edoardo. Le quote latte e il settore lattiero-caseario nell’UE e in Italia : Quale futuro ? Latte concentrato o sviluppo rurale ? Rome, Centro Internazionale Crocevia - CIC, 2010, 24 p. (only in Italian and French)

Calza Bini Edoardo. Les quotas laitiers et le secteur laitier et fromager dans l’UE et en Italie : Quel avenir ? Concentration ou développement rural ? Traduit de l’italien par D Van Der Steen. Rome, Centro Internazionale Crocevia (CIC), 2010, 30 p. (only in Italian and French)

UK Food Group. Supporting local food markets. Case study for the UK. Draft. London, UKFG, August 2009, 8 p.

Ndao Babacar. Étude sur la promotion des marchés internes, croissance du pouvoir de marché des producteurs agricoles, organisation des marchés agricoles. Le pouvoir de marché des agriculteurs et le soutien des marchés locaux : le cas de l’Afrique de l’Ouest. Premier document de travail. ROPPA, Thies, 20 novembre 2009, 70 p. (only in French)

Mainza Mugoya, Morrison Twesigye Rwakakamba. Instruments to increase market power of farmers. Case studies from East Africa. Naïrobi, Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF), 2009, 36 p.

István Fehér. Increasing Marketing Possibilities for the Hungarian Farmers. University of Gödöllő, Hungary.
These study cases are listed here after and can be downloaded.

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