Program and presentation of speakers

Programme et présentation des orateurs

Alice Tempel Costa, 25 May 2012

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May 3, 2012

Introduction: PAEPARD and workshop objectives

- Presentation of PAEPARD context and “philosophy” by Philippe Petithuguenin (EC)
- Presentation of PAEPARD activities and progress so far by Paolo Sarfatti (IAO)
- Presentation of 1st EMSC results by Julie Flament (CSA)
- Presentation of the 2nd EMSC objectives and agenda by Catherine Guichard (Coleacp)

Session 1. Partnerships models and evaluation in terms of impact, cost, and sustainability
- Assessment of different partnership models on the basis of PAEPARD case studies analysis by Mariana Wongtschowski (KIT)
- Assessment of different partnership models on the basis of PAEPARD-supported consortia by Richard Hawkins (ICRA)

- Questions - clarifications (plenary)
- Coffee break
- Group work
- Feed-back session - Lessons from Group work
- Lunch break

Session 2. Influence of mechanisms on partnerships models
- Introduction to funding mechanisms: funding channels, type of calls, priority definition by Cheikh Oumar Ba (IPAR)
- the FNRAA mechanism (Senegal) and the FP7 and FSTP mechanisms (UE) by David Radcliffe and Philippe Petithuguenin (EC)
- Lessons from calls 1 & 2 (in terms of funding sources) by François Stepman (PAEPARD)
- Group work
- Coffee break
- Feed-back session - Lessons from Group work
- Summary of discussion + Short presentation of day 2

May 4, 2012

Sessions 3. Lessons for orienting PAEPARD activities
- Review of PAEPARD support mechanisms evolution by Jonas Mugabe (PAEPARD)
- Presentation of users-led process by Sharon Alfred (FANRPAN)
- Discussion (plenary)
- Group work
- Coffee break
- Feed-back session - Lessons from Group work
- Summary of discussion

- Synthesis of 2 days discussion
- Workshop achievements and follow-up: Conclusions by Paolo Sarfatti (IAO)
- Lunch

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