Regional Consultation FAO-Civil Society for Europe and Central Asia and Regional Conference

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Daniel Van Der Steen, 27 March 2012

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General presentation of the FAO Regional Consultation and the FAO Regional Conference

The civil society consultation to the FAO at the regional FAO conference of Europe and Central Asia will take place form the 15th until the 17th of April 2012 in Baku (Azerbaijan).
The Consultation will be followed by the European Commission on Agriculture and the Regional Conference.

The main issues on the agenda of the Regional Consultation FAO-Civil Society for Europe and Central Asia will be : global, regional, national governance of food and agriculture, access to land and commons and policies on food and agriculture.

After the CFS reform, the regional Consultation and Conference will be much more strategic and will also mobilise more participants.

It is also important to consider that the Regional consultations are now becoming more important and strategic places to input the work done at world level in the CFS.

So the discussions in the Consultation will be organised about the following important issues :
- evaluation of current land policies
- differences and commonalities across the region
- access to land and other resources
- recommendations to governments of the Region about implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines in the region, support policies and infrastructure, preferred access for women and youth, good practices...

These political discussions are important in the framework of the upcoming disussions in the CFS, in particular about the (Responsible Investments in Agriculture (RAI) and the Global Strategic Framework.

Please help us also to inform broadly the potential participants,
especially in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, but also in Western Europe.

You will find the call to participate and all the other related documents (agenda of the Consultation, but also of the offical meetings that follows, information note, etc.) on the website of the organisers of the Consultation (see after).

For the FAO-funded participants, a quota system was developed in order to assure a balanced participation of different groups, regions and sectors. As a general criteria, participants are representatives of the different constituencies’ organisations.

Documents for the FAO Regional Consultation and the FAO Regional Conference

All the needed documents for the Consultation are placed on the official website of the organisers of the Consultation:

The needed documents concerning the FAO Regional Conference and related events (European Commission on Agriculture, CFS led multi-stakeholder discussion on the first draft of the Global Strategic Framework and side events) are available on the Regional FAO Office website:

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