How can agricultural research meet the needs of family farmers?

Mobilizing European producers’ organizations and agri-agencies experiences for African FO and family farmers

Julie Flament, 27 January 2011

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In the frame of PAEPARD, the CSA seeks to mobilize the European producers’organizations (PO) and agri-agencies involved (or that have been) in agricultural research projects, in order to bring their experiences to benefit African family farmers and FO.

This mobilization is organized around two activities:
-  An internet consultation of PO and agri-agencies (January-February 2011) in order to identify relevant experiences and actors who want to get involved in PAEPARD.
-  Based on experiences reported, an exchange meeting in Brussels, gathering European PO and agri-agencies (May / June 2011), in order to discuss the reorientation of ARD in Africa and the role of PO and agri-agencies in this reorientation.

The objective behind this mobilization is the reorientation (methodological and institutional) of the Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) towards a more demand-driven approach for African family farmers.

Internet consultation

This consultation is intended to European PO and agri-agencies involved (or that have been) in agricultural research projects.

Indeed, the experience of European PO in agricultural research in Europe as well as the experience of agri-agencies in agricultural research projects in Africa, that involved African FO and / or that valued the expertise of European PO, can serve as a reference to African FO (both in successes and failures).

This is especially to provide references to African FO for i) the establishment of partnerships with other actors involved in agricultural research and ii) the structuring of research institutions.

The consultation covers the period January 28 to February 28, 2011

The questionnaire is available hereunder.

Exchange meeting

Based on experiences reported, an exchange meeting, gathering European PO and agri-agencies, will be organized in Brussels (May / June 2011) in order to provide some answers to the following questions:
-  How to reorient ARD towards a more demand-driven approach for African family farmers?
-  In this reorientation, what is the role of African farmers, research and others stakeholders potentially involved as NGO and private sector?
-  How can European PO and agri-agencies contribute to this reorientation?

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