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Julie Flament, 4 June 2010

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DAY 1 - June 1, 2010

Session 1. Addressing the potential of reserves as one of the instruments to eradicate hunger and stabilize markets.

- Daryll Ray, Daryl Ray, University of Tennessee Director of Agricultural Policy Analysis Center (APAC) – USA- Food Reserves: A Key to Addressing Price Variability, Food Security and Even Trade
- Nicolas Bricas, CIRAD – France - Food Reserves and Food Security: a general introduction to the discussion.
- Wilhem Olthof, DG Dev - EU perception of the potential of reserves to address the issue of food security
- Hugo Verbist, Vice Chairperson of the CFS, Belgium, Context of the debate on the Grain Reserves and the price volatility in the Committee on Wold Food Security

- Discussion

Session 2. Realizing the need for national and regional reserves: a review of varying programs around the world.
What role is there for national stocks to address both food security needs and price stabilization?How do they link to local and international reserves?What measures are required to support an effective reserve at the national level?

- Amadou Konate, CILSS - Regional Solidarity reserve in the Sahel and in West Africa and the Network of National Food Reserve in the Region
- Philip Kiriro, Chairman of East African Farmer Federation (EAFF), Kenya, Regional Food reserve and Markets in Eastern and Southern Africa
- Riza Bernabe, Asian Farmers’ Association for sustainable rural development – AFA, Philippines - Regional Rice Reserve Scheme
- Victor Suarez, Asociation National de Empressa Commercializadoras de Productores del Campo (ANEC), Mexico - Strategic food reserves: An urgent requirement to confront the crisis and guarantee food security

Session 3. Support to local stocks for small-scale producers, household food security, and stable markets at the local level.
Perspectives from farmer’s organizations. What is the needed agricultural policy environment? What role for the different stakeholders?

- Pablo Singuenza Ramirez, CONGCOOP, Guatemala - Public reserves of food grains and national production for food sovereignty in the South
- Maria Elena V. Rebagay, Asiadhrra ,Philippines – Local stock piling (LSFM)
- Further reflexions on experiences in other continents
- Discussion

DAY 2 - June 2,2010

Session 1. Promoting global reserves: what possible models are there and are they feasible? What is needed to promote a global reserves system? How would such a system link to local and national reserves? What role for the different stakeholder?

- Niek Koning, Université de Wageningen, Pays-Bas - University of Wageningen, Netherlands. Lessons from past global stockpiling. Efforts and Thoughts for the Future
- Sophia Murphy, IATP - Grain Reserves and the Global Trade Rules
- Discussion

Session 2. Dialogue with political actors regarding their plans to operationalize reserves programs at all levels

Session 3. NGO’s meeting: next steps

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