Workshop on food reserves

Julie Flament, 28 April 2010

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In collaboration with IATP and Oxfam Solidarité, CSA is organizing a workshop on food reserves, on June 1 & 2, 2010. This seminar will bring together farm groups, NGOs, academics government and inter-governmental officials for a detailed dialogue to discuss the necessary components for promoting food reserves at all levels.

The food price crisis has led to a renewed interest among policy officials and multilateral institutions vis-à-vis agriculture and the importance of food reserves. While officials acknowledge that strategic food reserves have a role to play at varying levels, few concrete policy proposals are being developed.

Food reserves are one of the oldest policy instruments for agriculture known to civilization. In recent history, governments have generally replaced reserves programs in support of an international food market. Yet, the promise of free trade has been met with mixed results for farmers and consumers in both the North and the South. Turbulence in agricultural markets, often de- linked from actual supply and demand, reveal the limits of market liberalization to achieve food security and well run markets.

With the renewed and welcomed global attention to food and agriculture, reserves must be revisited as an important agricultural policy tool that can help to eradicate hunger, revitalize rural communities, regulate markets and reinforce the market power of producers. Governments can be working with farmers and experts to review different policy options. To date, many governments have already expressed their support to move in this direction. The European Union has a key role to play in promoting local and national food reserves and by working toward the establishment of an international regulatory framework that could improve food supply and stabilize markets.

Draft program is available hereunder.

To register, please send the registration form at the following addresses:
- CSA : secretariat@csa-be.org
- Julie Flament : julie.flament@csa-be.org

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