The World Summit on Food Security

The FAO will consolidate the new orientations for the agricultural governance after the food crisis

Daniel Van Der Steen, 28 October 2009

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The situation of global food insecurity worsened these last years, especially since the crisis of the food prices of 2007-08. The food insecurity threatens all the more today as the increase in the number of people who suffer from the hunger is still worsened by the current economic crisis. The number of undernourished people exceeds the billion now (see the FAO document of 2009 on the “Situation of the food insecurity in the world”).

Given the situation, FAO convenes a “World summit on food security” from the 16th to the 18th of November, 2009, in order to define the main actions to be undertaken towards the crisis. One of the concerns of FAO is to take care that the “good resolutions” of the “after food crisis” and to make sure that the reorientation of the agricultural policies which followed are not forgotten, whereas the concerns are centered today above all on the economic crisis.

The possibility of taking part at the event exists for the representatives of the Civil Society as observers. Information is available on the site of CSA. The invitation forwarded by FAO to selected international organizations and the document to be returned to FAO for the interested people can also be downloaded here after.

Al the information is available on the FAO website

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