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Coffee Markets. New Paradigms in Global Supply and Demand

Auteur: Lewin Bryan,Giovannucci Daniele,Varangis A.,et al
Editeur: Agriculture and Rural Development, The W
Année: 2002
Pages: 149

"About 20-25 million families—mostly smallholder farmers—in more than 50 developing nations produce and
sell coffee. A number of them are facing considerable difficulties because of the dramatic decline in the price
of coffee to 100-year lows in real terms. Since 1970, prices have averaged a 3 percent per year price decline
for arabica coffees and a 5 percent decline for robusta. Nicaragua provides a stark example of the impact :
Between 1998 and 2001 poverty rates increased by more than 2 percent among those farmers who remained
in the coffee sector. In contrast, poverty rates among rural households as a whole fell by more than 6 percent.
A similar picture emerges for primary school enrollment rates—falling by 5 percent for households that
stayed in the coffee sector and increasing by 10 percent among all rural households"

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