>accueil > An analysis of dairy policy reform and trade liberalisation

An analysis of dairy policy reform and trade liberalisation


Auteur: OCDE
Editeur: OCDE
Année: 2004
Pages: 51

"This report is one of several studies that have been carried out under the Assessing Future Agricultural Markets, Trade and Policies activity of the 2003-2004 Programme of Work of the OECD’s Committee for Agriculture. Within this overall activity, studies were scheduled to provide assessments of the market, trade and welfare impacts of domestic and trade policy reform for selected commodities that currently receive very high support and protection. The report investigates analytically and empirically the market and welfare impacts of milk quota systems and the interaction of quota with other policy tools within a context of specific policy objectives. It also discusses the milk production potential in quota-operating countries following the removal of quotas. The main authors of this report are Pavel Vavra and Roger Martini, economists in the OECD Directorate for Agriculture. Many colleagues in the OECD Secretariat and delegates from Member countries furnished useful comments on earlier drafts of this report."

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