FAO – Civil society Regional Consultation for Europe (Innsbruck, 23-24 June 2008) Outcomes and declarations of the Consultation

Daniel Van Der Steen, 24 June 2008

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The Regional FAO-Civil society Consultation for the European Region was held on the 23th and 24th of June in Innsbrück. More than 40 participants from 17 countries (old and new EU members, but also from Georgia, Turkey and Armenia) discussed the 3 following issues: how to face the food prices crisis in the Region and in the world; the climate change and agriculture; and the contribution of regional traditional food and agricultural products to the development of the Region. The Consultation was chaired by Mrs Irmi Salzer, from the Austrian organization ÖBV Via Campesina Austria.

Three declarations were produced by the participants on these issues that were published in a single document (to download). A delegation was invited by the FAO Director General Jacques Diouf and could discuss these issues with him on Wednesday morning.

A side event was organized by FIAN International and FIAN Autria on the implications of the actual situation on the right to food on Wednesday midday.

The outcomes of the Consultation were presented in the morning during the FAO Conference on the 26th of June by Mrs Irmi Salzer, the chair of the Consultation. Other further declarations were presented by other participants of the Consultation, Mr Abgar Yeghoyian (Protect the consumers’ rights - Armenia) and Patrick Mulvany (Practical action -UK).

The direct link to the declaration on the CSA website is the following :

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Documents to download
- Final declaration
- Definitive Programme with speakers
- List of participants
- Invitation to the side event organized by FIAN International
- Sponsors of the European Consultation
- Final report of the Consultation

Presentations of the speakers
- De la Torre Food Sovereignty, environment and climate change
- FAO REU Adaptation to the Climate change
- Feret CAP and support to traditional regional food and agricultural products
- CAP 2013 Feret Sustainability
- FIAN Klaffenbock Sustainability
- FOE Bebb Feeding and fuelling Europe
- Greenpeace Tirado Global warming
- Agricultural Chambers of Tyrol Hechenberger Agriculture in Tyrol
- Elkana Jordaze Policies to promote traditional regional agricultural products and food in non-EU Countries
- Practical action Mulvany Agroecology
- Practical action Mulvany Models of production
- OBV Salzer CAP Health Check
- OBV Salzer Short food supply
- CSA VDS Impact milk quotas
- CSA VDS Stocks and prices
- Protection of Consumers’ Rights Yeghoyan Price monitoring regional initiative

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