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Program and presentation of speakers

Alice Tempel Costa, 24 May 2012

- Welcome of participants
- Opening and setting the scene
- Official opening and welcoming remarks by CSA
- Getting to know each other
- General overview of existing instances at different levels by Mamadou Cissokho

Existing instances at Global level
- General overview and historical background by Thomas Price
- Presentation about GFAR/ GCARD by Thomas Price
- Presentation about CGIAR/ GFAR by Christian Castellanet
- Short Table discussion
- Coffee/Tea break

Existing instances at EU level
- Presentation about EFARD by Ann Waters-Bayer
- Example of national level: Swiss National ARD Forum by Martina Graf
- Short Table discussion

Existing instances at Africa level
- Presentation about ASARECA by Mary-Jo Kakinda
- Presentation about CORAF and challanges at national level by Mamadou Goita
- Short table discussion
- Lunch

Parallel working groups
- Coffee/Tea break
- Group presentation and plenary discussion

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